Today in computer history: May 5

The 125th day of 2021. There are 240 days left in the year from this day.

Charles Thomas pictureMay 5, 1785
236 years ago

Charles Thomas was born, the designer of the Arithmometer, the first successful mechanical calculator. Died March 12, 1870 (Age: 84).

August Dvorak pictureMay 5, 1894
127 years ago

August Dvorak was born, an educational psychologist best known for creating the Dvorak simplified keyboard. Died October 10, 1975 (Age: 81).

Peter Molyneux pictureMay 5, 1959
62 years ago

Peter Molyneux was born, an English video game designer and game programmer.

Adrian Carmack pictureMay 5, 1969
52 years ago

Adrian Carmack was born, one of the founders of iD Software.

GameMay 5, 1992
29 years ago

Wolfenstein 3D, the first popular game with ray casting, was released.

MicrosoftMay 5, 1999
22 years ago

Microsoft Windows 98 SE was released.

InternetMay 5, 2003
18 years ago

Internet site LinkedIn launches.

BankruptMay 5, 2009
12 years ago

Soyo completed its bankruptcy and ceased operations.

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