Common Microsoft FrontPage questions and answers

Updated: 05/21/2018 by Computer Hope

FrontPageBelow is a list of the common questions someone may have when designing a website in Microsoft FrontPage.

Note: All versions of Microsoft FrontPage are no longer supported or updated by Microsoft. If you're still designing web pages in FrontPage, we strongly recommend considering an alternative HTML editor.

How to Edit HTML in FrontPage

By default, FrontPage gives you the WYSIWYG editor. To edit the HTML code in Microsoft FrontPage, follow the steps below for your version of FrontPage.

FrontPage 2003

In FrontPage 2003 and above click the Code button at the bottom-left of your screen.

FrontPage 98

In FrontPage 98 click the HTML tab on the bottom-left side of your screen.

FrontPage 97

In FrontPage 97 click View and then click HTML.

How to edit meta tags in FrontPage

To modify your meta tags go to File and choose the Option for Page Properties. In the Page Properties window, click the Custom tab in the user variables section, click the Add button and name your meta tag. The most commonly used meta tags would be "keywords" and "description" (without the quotes).

Tip: See our promote your website page for additional tips and secrets in promoting your web page.

How to create a table in FrontPage

To create a table, click on the Table option and click Insert new table. From here you can specify the values of your table.

Delete a cell within a table in FrontPage

Select the cell first by going up to table and then clicking on Select Cell. Once the cell is highlighted, press the delete key on your keyboard. Note that this method deletes the cell in FrontPage 97 and in FrontPage 98 it only deletes the contents of the cells. To delete the cell in FrontPage 98 highlight the cell and right-click on the cell and choose the option for delete.

How to insert a named anchor in FrontPage

To insert a named anchor (bookmark), click Insert from the top menu and select Bookmark. Users using FrontPage 2000 may need to click the small down arrows to see this option.

Once a bookmark has been created, create a new hyperlink and point to the bookmark name with a type # (pound) in front of the name, for example, #example.

Checking for grammar errors in FrontPage

Users who are familiar with Microsoft Word and its ability to check for spelling and grammar errors may assume that Microsoft FrontPage does the same. Unfortunately, no version of Microsoft FrontPage could detect grammar errors. If you believe your web page may have grammar errors, you must copy and paste portions of them into a program that has a grammar checker.

Tip: There are also websites, like Grammarly, that can check for grammatical errors for a small monthly fee.

How to cut and paste text in FrontPage 97

Unfortunately, Microsoft has left this feature out, and the only way to bypass this is to use the keyboard shortcut keys. For example, use Ctrl+C to copy, Ctrl+X to cut, and Ctrl+V to paste.

Tip: See our Microsoft FrontPage keyboard shortcuts page for additional keyboard shortcuts.

Unable to use WebBot components or extensions

Ensure that your web host provider allows you to use FrontPage extensions. Today, most web host providers no longer support FrontPage extensions because of security-related issues and because FrontPage has been discontinued.

Return to the next line without starting a new paragraph

While in the WYSIWYG editor you can press Shift+Enter instead of only Enter or go up to insert and click on Break to break the line but without starting a new paragraph.

Why did Microsoft abandon FrontPage?

With new web standards and technology being developed since it was first released in 1996, Microsoft felt it was best to discontinue Microsoft FrontPage. In 2006, Microsoft announced that it would discontinue Microsoft FrontPage in December 2006 and that it would be replaced with Microsoft Expression Web.

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