I forgot my Facebook password

Updated: 07/12/2017 by Computer Hope

FacebookBelow are steps to help when you have forgotten your Facebook password.

Note: Computer Hope is not affiliated in any way with Facebook, therefore we cannot provide you with a temporary password for your Facebook account. We also cannot send you a code that allows you to reset your Facebook password.

Note: This document will not provide the steps to hack into a Facebook account.

Make sure your cookies are enabled

To log into Facebook, you must first enable your Internet browser cookies. You may use the system information tool to determine whether cookies are on or off.

Reset your password

Note: If you access Facebook on a smartphone and need to reset your password, you can follow the directions below.

Facebook login fieldsLike most online services, the Facebook website does have a password reset and recovery tool to reset your password. Click the "Forgot your password?" link under the Password field at the top of the Facebook homepage.

Facebook Find Your Account field

If you would like to go directly to Facebook's help page from our site, you may also visit the Facebook Recovery Link to restore or reset your password. Once you have clicked the link, enter the e-mail address, phone number, username, or full name associated with your account and follow the steps to recover your account or reset your password.

Tip: If you have trouble finding your Facebook account, click the I can't identify my account link on the above page.

Note: If you cannot access the e-mail address associated with your Facebook account, create a new Facebook account. Facebook does not appear to have an option for contacting them directly for help with changing the e-mail address on your account.

Reached maximum times to reset error

If you have tried resetting your password or logging into your account multiple times without success, your account will be temporarily locked as a security measure. Wait a few hours and try logging in again.

Trying to access a deceased user's account

My Facebook account was hacked

Finally, if you believe your account was hacked or someone else changed your password without your permission, go through the Facebook Help Center to resolve the issue.

Tip: Often when an account is hacked, you should still be able to reset the account password using the above suggestions.

Send me my Facebook password or username to my e-mail address

Since Computer Hope is not affiliated with Facebook and has no access to its accounts, we cannot send your Facebook password to you.

If the above steps do not help you in getting your Facebook password, visit the Facebook Help Center for additional assistance.