Updated: 04/02/2019 by Computer Hope

A datasheet is a document, printed or electronic that provides details about a product, like a computer, computer component, or software program. The datasheet includes information that can help in making a buying decision about a product by providing technical specifications about the product.

With a computer system, a datasheet could list what a computer includes such as how many USB ports, CD or DVD drive, hard drive, processor, RAM (random access memory), and video card. It may also list the specific features of the motherboard in the computer.

With software, a datasheet could list a program's features and the system requirements, like operating system, processor, memory, video card, and any other system requirements.

Today, datasheets are available on the manufacturer's website for customers to learn more about the product. Many online retailers provide some of the information found on a datasheet directly on their product pages. For more specific details, like specific power requirements, circuitry or other more technical information, the manufacturer's website is the best source.

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