Updated: 04/09/2024 by Computer Hope

InstantGo is a Microsoft specification introduced with Windows 8 that improves the power management capabilities of Windows computers. It allows a computer to power on and off instantly, similar to a smartphone or tablet. The specification also keeps network connections active, letting the computer receive updates and other information (e.g., e-mails) while it sleeps.


InstantGo is also known as Connected Standby, InstantOn, and Modern Standby.

How do I know if my computer has InstantGo?

First, you must have a recently-built computer with modern hardware components that runs Microsoft Windows 8 or later. If your machine meets these requirements, use the powercfg command to see if this mode is enabled. For example, open a command line and type the following command.

powercfg /a

After entering the command above, "Standby (Connected)" is displayed if your computer supports InstantGo.

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