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Kick may refer to any of the following:

One person kicking another person.

1. Alternatively called boot or kill, kick is a command used on chat networks like IRC (Internet Relay Chat), where an operator, moderator, or administrator removes a chat system user due to misconduct. The user kicked from the chat system receives a message that explains why they were removed. A kill is sometimes accompanied by a timed ban, prohibiting the user from returning for a specified time.


See our chat page for reasons why someone may have been kicked from Computer Hope chat.

2. Kick is also a command used in online groups to kick another player from your group, party, or game.

3. Kick is an action taken by a game server or admin on a game server because you are disobeying the rules or causing grief.

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4. When describing a brand or website, Kick is an online streaming platform that allows users to create and watch live broadcasts. Kick is similar to Amazon's Twitch service, but promises creators a 95-5 subscriber revenue split, which is better than the 50-50 Twitch offers. Also, Kick gives creators 100% of donations to the creator and doesn't require you to wait for a monthly check.

With these incentives, many smaller and mid-sized streamers have switched from Twitch to Kick to earn more money on their platform. Kick has also paid some of Twitch's popular streamers (e.g., xQc and Amouranth) to move to their platform.


Kick is connected to the gambling website, which means they do allow "ethical gambling" to be streamed on their service. In addition, they are more relaxed with mature content that may not be suitable for all ages.

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