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A map may refer to any of the following:

1. When referring to programming, or layout of a software program or hardware device, a map refers to the documentation that describes its overall structure.

2. When referring to networks, a map or mapped drive refers to a link to another computer, share, or printer.

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3. When referring to HTML, the <map> tag is used with the area element to designate an image map on a web page.

4. In general, a map is a term used to describe instructions that are used to locate a destination in the world. Below is a listing of some popular places on the Internet that help you create driving maps to a destination of your choice.

Google Maps -
OpenStreetMap -
Bing Maps -
Map Quest -

Google Earth is also a fantastic, free software program that contains maps, satellite images, places of interest, and much more.


Google Maps also has a great feature known as streets view. This feature allows you to drive down many of the streets in the United States and see pictures of the houses, building, and other objects.

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