Updated: 10/17/2017 by Computer Hope

A track may refer to any of the following:

Skip track button

1. When referring to an audio CD or digital album, a track is a section of a CD that contains a single full song. Tracks allow the person who is listening to the album to skip to the beginning of any song at any time. The picture to the right is an example of the skip track button found in software programs and on remotes.

Image of a track on a hard drive

2. A track is also a data storage ring on a computer floppy diskette or hard drive that is capable of storing information. The illustration to the right shows how a track goes all around the platter, as well as how it is used to help locate and retrieve information from a disk or diskette.

3. A track may also refer to a person who or service that follows you. For example, an online advertising service may track your online search behaviors to help deliver relevant advertising.

4. When referring to HTML, the <track> tag is used to designate text tracks for both the <audio> and <video> elements.

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