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Reference Questions
Hard drive Dictionary definition and related links on the hard drive.
FDISK Information on the fdisk command with examples and information.
Interfaces Additional information and help with computer hard drives interfaces.
Buying tips Additional information and help with purchasing a hard drive.
Drivers Computer hard drive drivers and manufacturer listing.
History The complete history of computer hard drives.
Contacts Contact information for hard drive manufacturers.
CHADD Additional information with installing computer hardware.
CHSIZE Unable to see full amount of hard drive.
CHSPACE How much is 1 byte, kilobyte, megabyte, gigabyte, etc.?
CH000022 How to copy all files from one drive to another drive.
CH000032 Only able to see 2 gig partition or drive.
CH000033 Determining if FAT32 is enabled.
CH000045 Where can I get the settings for my HDD?
CH000047 Hard drive is not being detected when using a boot diskette.
CH000101 Sector not found error.
CH000102 When installing a new hard drive, does it matter if jumpers are assigned?
CH000142 Is there a FAT16 to FAT32 file converter for Windows 95?
CH000143 Windows 95/98 MS-DOS compatibility preventing game from running.
CH000175 Do you have any additional information on FDISK /MBR?
CH000179 My computer is running slow what steps can I do to fix it?
CH000180 I'm getting Bad Sectors, Clusters, or Missing Allocations what should I do?
CH000181 Missing operating system.
CH000183 Unable to disable Write Precomp within CMOS is there another way?
CH000184 Receiving S.M.A.R.T. status bad backup and replace error.
CH000185 No ROM basic system halted error.
CH000186 How to erase my hard drive and start over.
CH000226 Partition shows up as an MS-DOS partition.
CH000229 Invalid / Non System Disk error.
CH000230 Insufficient memory error when formatting hard drive.
CH000231 Invalid media type reading drive c:
CH000260 Is one hard drive better than another?
CH000275 Unable to see over 8 GB with Windows NT 4.0.
CH000276 Windows 95 does not support hard drives over 32 GB.
CH000302 Noise from the computer.
CH000341 How to manually remove hard drive compression.
CH000342 How to recover missing, lost, or deleted files.
CH000346 Dual booting information.
CH000355 How to lock and unlock the hard drive.
CH000366 VFAT errors.
CH000369 Determining available hard drive space.
CH000381 A serious disk error occurred trying to read/write drive.
CH000387 Disk boot failure.
CH000389 Fixed disk failure.
CH000392 ATAPI incompatible press F1 to resume.
CH000402 Boot Record signature AA55 not found.
CH000406 1780 or 1790 hard disk error at boot.
CH000446 Hard disk controller failure.
CH000454 Hard Disk Fail (10), (20), or (80).
CH000474 Computer stops at verifying dmi pool data
CH000497 How do I find the hard drive type and specifications?
CH000518 Receive a track error when reading, writing, or formatting a disk.
CH000520 How to help make sure all data is erased on hard drive.
CH000528 Regaining computer hard drive space.
CH000588 How do I setup a hard drive in Windows 2000 and XP?
CH000649 Can I put a laptop hard drive in a desktop computer?
CH000705 Getting media test failure, check cable error when computer boots.
CH000707 Steps on how to change a computer hard disk drive letter.
CH000712 Can formatting a hard drive several times cause problems?
CH000713 How do I determine what file system is running on my hard drive?
CH000799 Why is the hard drive the C: drive?
CH000854 How can I see all drives available on my computer?
CH000929 Disk I/O error as computer starts.
CH001008 Computer is telling me my C drive is full or out of space.
CH001091 Testing a computer hard drive for failures.
CH001101 How do I disable and enable AAM?
CH001133 What does the inside of a computer hard drive look like?
CH001214 The volume appears to contain one or more unrecoverable problems.
CH001325 Advantages of SATA over PATA.
CH001396 Advantages of SSD over HDD.
CH001407 What is the difference between a quick format and a full format?
CH001463 When I delete a file on my computer, where does it go?
CH001500 Diskette drive 0 seek failure.
CH001514 Can you get files and data after a hard drive has been reformatted?
CH001549 How do I remove a computer hard drive?
CH001556 How to clean a computer hard drive.
CH001620 Will a Mac hard drive work with a PC?
CH001712 Can a Windows computer read a Mac formatted hard drive?
CH001765 How to delete a partition in Windows.
CH001774 How to format hard drive, SSD, or USB flash drive.
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