Computer "E" file extensions

Updated: 06/30/2019 by Computer Hope

Below is a listing of each of the different file extensions that begin with the letter "E." If you are looking for a file extension that starts with a different letter, click on the corresponding beginning letter below.

.EAP Enterprise Architect Project file for CASE (Computer Aided Software Engineering).
.ECW Enhanced compressed wavelet file.
.EEB Button bar for Equation Editor in WordPerfect for Windows.
.EEF Digital camera RAW file format.
.EFT CHIWRITER high-resolution screen characters.
.EGA EGA screen characters for Ventura Publisher.
.ELG Event list text file used with Prosa.
.EMF Enhanced metafile format file.
.EMI File type for Pocket Tanks computer game, developed by BlitWise Productions LLC.
.EML File extension for e-mail.
.EMS Enhanced menu system configuration file for PC Tools.
.EMU IRMA Workstation for Windows emulation.
.ENC ADW Knowledge Ware Encyclopedia file.
.END CorelDRAW arrow definition file.
.ENG Sprint dictionary file engine.
.ENV WordPerfect for Windows environment file.
.EPG Exported page file used with DynaVox.
.EPS Encapsulated postscript file with embedded TIFF preview images.
.EPUB E-book file, created using the EPUB format.
.EQN WordPerfect for Windows equation file.
.ERD Entity Relation Diagram graphic file.
.ERM Entity Relation Diagram model file.
.ERR Error log file.
.ESD File type for Microsoft's ESD (Electronic Software Download) system.
.ESH Extended Shell Batch file.
.ET 1. Teaching lesson file generated by Easiteach software for teachers.
2. Spreadsheet file for Kingsoft Spreadsheets software.
.EVT Event file scheduler file for PC Tools.
.EX3 Device driver for Harvard graphics 3.0.
.EXC 1. QEMM exclude file from optimization file
2. Rexx program file.
.EXD Control information cache for Microsoft Office document files.
.EXE 1. Executable file.
2. Icon library file.
.EXO Video chunk file for offline YouTube video, to view on Android devices.
.EXT Extension file for Norton Commander.