Computer file extensions - D

Updated: 12/26/2023 by Computer Hope

Below is a listing of each of the different file extensions that begin with the letter "D." If you are looking for a file extension that starts with a different letter, click the corresponding beginning letter below.

.D A D programming language source file.
.DAA 1. Short for Disk Access Archive file.
2. File that stores a disk image used with PowerISO.
.DAF Data file for Digital Anchor.
.DAT Data file, often associated or extra data for a program to use.
.DB 1. Paradox database file.
2. Progress database file.
.DB2 dBase II file.
.DBC Microsoft Visual Foxpro database container.
.DBF A dBase II, III, III+, IV database file.and LotusWorks database file.
.DBK 1. A dBase database backup.
2. Orcad schematic capture backup file.
.DBM Cold Fusion template.
.DBO dBase IV compiled program file.
.DBQ Paradox memo.
.DBT dBase database text file.
.DBV Flexfile memo field file.
.DBW DataBoss database file.
.DBX 1. Database file.
2. DataBeam image.
3. Microsoft Visual Foxpro table.
.DCM Dicom file format for medical images.
.DCR Digital camera RAW file format.
.DCX Multipage PCX file.
.DDF Diamond Directive file, providing compression settings for associated CAB files.
.DDS Direct Draw surface file.
.DEB Debian package file. See our Dpkg definition for full information.
.DEV Device driver file.
.DIB Windows bitmap file.
.DFF RenderWare 3-D model file, used by RenderWare 3 graphics engine for games.
.DIF 1. Document Interchange Format file.
2. VisiCalc file.
.DJVU DjVu file.
.DLL 1. Dynamic Link Library file.
2. Icon library file.
.DM Audio file Copyright protected with DRM (digital rights management).
.DMD Visual dBASE data module.
.DMF Delusion/XTracker Digital Music File.
.DMG Disk image file for macOS.
.DMO Demo file.
.DMP Dump file.
.DMS Compressed archive file.
.DNE Netica Bayesian network text file (opens with netica.exe).
.DNG Digital camera RAW file format.
.DOC Microsoft Word 2003 and earlier file, LotusWorks word processor file, and Microsoft WordPad file. An example of a Microsoft Word .doc file can be downloaded here.
.DOCM Microsoft Word file with macros.
.DOCX Microsoft Word 2007 and later file. Opening a Word 2007 or .docx file with older version of Word.
.DOS 1. Text file.
2. DOS specification info.
.DOT Microsoft Word 2003 and earlier template file.
.DOTM Microsoft Word 2007 and later template file with macros.
.DOTX Microsoft Word 2007 and later template file.
.DRV Device driver files that attach the hardware to Windows. The different drivers are system, keyboard, pointing devices, sound, printer/plotter, network, communications adapter.
OGG Dirac video file.
.DRW Micrografx draw and graph files.
.DSN A text file containing DSN (Data Source Name) information.
.DST AutoCAD drawing sheet file.
.DT_ Macintosh data file fork.
.DTA Data file.
.DTD SGML (standard generalized markup language) document definition file.
.DTF Q&A database file.
.DTM DigiRekker module.
.DTP 1. SecurDesk! Desktop file.
2. Timeworks Publisher text document
3. Pressworks template file.
.DUN Dial-up Networking exported file.
.DX 1. Document imaging file.
2. Digital data exchange file.
.DXB A drawing interchange binary file.
.DXF AutoCAD or CAD (computer-aided design) drawing interchange format file.
.DXN Fujitsu dexNet fax document.
.DXR Macromedia Director projected movie file.
.DYN Lotus 1-2-3 file.
.DWF Short for Design Web Format, a DWF file is an Autodesk file that stores formatted text on the Internet.
.DWG AutoCAD or CAD drawing database file.