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CPM may refer to any of the following:

1. When measuring typing speed, CPM is short for characters per minute, the number of characters a person types per minute. This measurement determines the WPM (words per minute) by dividing its value by five. For example, someone who types 500 CPM has a WPM of 100 (500 / 5 = 100).


It's more common to use WPM than CPM when mentioning your typing speed.

2. Short for cost per mile or cost per thousand, CPM is a measure of ad impressions and an industry standard for selling websites ads. The 'M' is from the Roman numeral for "thousand." Sites that sell advertising guarantee an advertiser a certain number of impressions and set the rate based on that guarantee times the CPM rate.

For example, a website that guarantees 50,000 impressions at a CPM rate of $30 costs the advertiser $1,500. A CPM is determined with [ (CPM * impressions) / 1000 ] or [50 * 30], the 50 representing the 50 in 50,000.

3. CP/M is an 8-bit operating system created by Gary Kildall in 1974 while working at Intel for their new processors. By 1977, CP/M was the most prolific operating system in the PC industry. In 1981, Microsoft purchased the rights to an unauthorized clone of CP/M, which it marketed to IBM as PC-DOS for the first IBM PC. For all other PC OEMs, Microsoft marketed PC-DOS as MS-DOS.

4. Short for characters per minute, CPM has been used to measure how many characters a printer can print. Today, measuring a printer's speed in PPM (pages per minute) is more common.

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