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TIP1 Create a shortcut key for Internet web pages.
TIP2 Google toolbar
TIP3 Easily send a web page to a friend.
TIP4 Show file extensions in Windows 10.
TIP5 Best websites to set and use as your homepage.
TIP6 Google search options
TIP7 Tricks every Google user should know
TIP8 Tabbed browsing tips.
TIP9 Browsing only safe Internet web pages.
TIP12 Move back faster in your browser.
TIP13 Hide and tweak the Firefox download window.
TIP14 Select only certain text in an HTML table.
TIP15 Bookmark a web page form field.
TIP16 Undo closed Internet browser tab.
TIP17 Quickly bookmark a web page.
TIP18 Shortcut key to get into the address bar.
TIP19 Save any media on a web page.
TIP20 Scroll up and down on a web page using the keyboard.
TIP21 Make the browser window full screen.
TIP22 Quickly open multiple favorite pages.
TIP23 Quickly scroll to an item in a list or drop down.
TIP24 Quickly move forward and backwards using the mouse wheel.
TIP25 Automatically complete a URL.
TIP26 Open link in new window.
TIP27 Print only sections of a web page.
TIP28 Increase and decrease web page font size.
TIP29 Move forward and back using the keyboard.
TIP30 Determine last modified date of a web page.
TIP31 Windows Snap To feature.
TIP32 Top 10 computer mouse tips.
TIP33 Windows Vista Problem Reports and Solutions
TIP34 Microsoft Windows XP and Vista boot time
TIP35 Speed up Windows Explorer
TIP36 Create Desktop Shortcuts to Your Favorite Web Pages
TIP37 Create Custom Folder Icons
TIP38 Windows Command Prompt
TIP39 Windows Selective Startup
TIP40 Save Windows XP and Later Searches
TIP41 Display Hibernate Option in XP's Turn Off Computer box
TIP42 Quickly move files or other objects to the Desktop
TIP43 Quickly get to the Windows Desktop
TIP44 Run a Web Page
TIP45 Quickly find icon or file
TIP46 Windows XP Mouse Snap to
TIP47 Windows 2000 and XP Task Manager
TIP48 Delete files without getting a prompt
TIP49 How to quickly rename multiple files in Windows
TIP50 Keep a log with Microsoft Notepad
TIP51 MS-DOS Autocomplete in Microsoft Windows 2000 and Above
TIP52 Prevent Automatic Restart in Windows XP
TIP53 Microsoft Windows search using Google
TIP54 Enable the Windows single-click option
TIP55 Quickly Open System Properties Window
TIP56 Quickly see all file associations
TIP57 Improve the overall appearance of fonts
TIP58 Access and control other computers
TIP59 Alphabetize icons in your Start Menu
TIP60 Selectively Print Sections of a Document
TIP61 Quickly get to the root directory of a drive
TIP62 Easy Undo
TIP63 Take control of your Windows 10 Updates
TIP64 Create an accessible bar
TIP65 Open programs in the background of explorer
TIP66 Quickly change the association of a file
TIP67 Quickly maximize a window
TIP68 Close multiple programs with one click
TIP69 Manage Start Menu icons from the Start Menu
TIP70 Quickly access Windows Help
TIP71 Add shortcuts to the desktop
TIP72 Quickly add shortcuts to the Start Menu
TIP73 Create a send to shortcut
TIP74 Copy, Move, and Delete multiple files
TIP75 Make Files Not Go to the Recycle Bin
TIP76 Remotely access other computers in your network.
TIP77 Quickly search all Linux manuals for help.
TIP78 Set Linux aliases for hard to remember commands.
TIP79 Top 10 keyboard shortcuts everyone should know.
TIP80 Top 10 free PC programs everyone should have.
TIP81 Top 10 terms every parent of teenagers should know.
TIP82 Top 10 Firefox add-ons.
TIP83 Top 10 Firefox shortcut keys everyone should know.
TIP84 Use e-mail rules and filters to control your e-mail.
TIP85 Quickly find a name in your Outlook address book.
TIP86 Add Windows Media Player to Taskbar.
TIP87 Quickly share pages, videos, pictures in Facebook.
TIP88 Top 10 tips for keeping your e-mail inbox clean.
TIP89 Top 10 steps in writing an effective e-mail.
TIP90 Top 10 Facebook tips.
TIP91 Windows 7 Taskbar tips
TIP92 Windows 7 repair disc
TIP93 Tips to follow before calling support.
TIP94 Split Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.
TIP95 Clear your Google online web history.
TIP96 Try new services Google is working on in the labs.
TIP97 Quickly create tables in Microsoft Word.
TIP98 Find forgotten pages in the browsers history.
TIP99 Copy command line output to clipboard.
TIP100 Quickly find Windows programs

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