Windows Terminal

Updated: 06/30/2019 by Computer Hope
Windows Terminal.

Windows Terminal is an update to the command line in Windows 10 that is available for free in the Microsoft Store beginning in mid-2019. It can be used instead of the traditional Command Prompt, PowerShell, and WSL command line interfaces.

Windows Terminal is the first major upgrade to the Windows command-line subsystem in over 30 years. The new Windows Terminal is 100% backward compatible with previous systems, so all batch scripts and console applications for older versions of Windows are guaranteed to function the same.

Windows Terminal features and improvements

  • Improved data security for console applications.
  • Tabbed terminals, allowing multiple terminal sessions in a single window.
  • UTF-8 (8-bit) Unicode support, allowing the use of emojis and non-English language characters in console applications, commands, and output.
  • Support for 24-bit color depth (true color).
  • Window transparency and special effects, such as blur and frosted glass effects.
  • Theming and custom window styles.
  • Support for the Surface Pen in console applications.

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