Danny Cohen

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Danny Cohen

Name: Danny Cohen

Born: Unknown in Israel

Computer-related contributions

  • Computer scientist and early Internet pioneer and network specialist.
  • Worked on the ARPAnet project and helped develop some fundamental applications for the Internet.
  • Designed the first real-time visual flight simulator on a general purpose computer while studying at MIT.
  • Created the Cohen-Sutherland computer graphics line clipping algorithms (with Ivan Sutherland at Harvard University).
  • Tested a local area network technology called ATOMIC which was the forerunner of Myrinet (1994).
  • First to utilize "packet-video" and "packet voice" (Network Voice Protocol) when he designed the visual flight simulator to run over the ARPANET (1973).
  • Co-founded Myricom, which commercialized Myrinet.

Significant publications

  • Technology and Values (1997).
  • AI as the Ultimate Enhancer of Protocol design (1991).
  • Electric Commerce (1989).
  • Satellite Communication of Real-Time Packet Video Images (1984).
  • On Holy Wars and a Plea for Peace (1980).

Honors and awards

  • Vint Cerf hosted an event at Google honoring Cohen (2013).
  • Inducted into the Internet Hall of Fame by the Internet Society (2012).
  • IEEE Fellow (2010).
  • Member of the National Academy of Engineering (2006).
  • Distinguished engineer for Sun Microsystems working (2001).
  • United States Air Force Meritorious Civilian Service Award (1993).

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