Information about the 2014 Computer Hope redesign

Updated: 01/05/2018 by Computer Hope
Computer Hope

Since it was first released in 1998, the Computer Hope website has had a very similar look and feel. Over the years, we have made many significant changes to the site. The big update in 2010 converted the site from being table driven to CSS driven, while maintaining a similar look and feel.

Responsive design

With the increased popularity of e-readers, smartphones, and tablets, we felt we should redesign the website in accordance with modern standards. All our help pages have been updated to use HTML5, without loss of support for older browsers. Pages are now more responsive, and will resize for all screen resolutions and aspect ratios.

Clean and simple design

Another important part of our redesign was to make all the pages even easier to read and as clean as possible, with little or no distractions. We believe we accomplished this goal by implementing the following changes.

  • Centered Design - All pages are now centered, so anyone with big monitors or resolutions will not have the text stretched across the screen.
  • Removed blue bars - The blue bar that adorned the left side of our pages since 1998 was removed, and the top navigation was cleaned up and made less distracting. All features found on these bars were moved to either the top or bottom of the page and away from the content.
  • Breadcrumbs - Navigation breadcrumbs were moved from the right side of the page and added to the top of every page.
  • Balloons - All menu items and features found at the bottom of the page have balloons that will describe what that option does for anyone new to the website.


We have tried to make our site accessible to all types of users, including those who use screen readers to view pages. One of the features that help screen readers is the Tab key to "Skip to Main Content" option. Screen readers can also press Enter to skip down to the content, without having to go through each of the menu options.

New Logo

Over the years, our logo has evolved into a more clear and understandable logo that represents the letter 'C' and 'H' for "Computer Hope." We wanted to keep the same concept, but give the logo a more modern look and some color, and change the dimensions into more of a circle.

Computer Hope Logo history


Speed is another important consideration we kept in our minds during the redesign. Although we added more features to each of our pages, all the pages still load as fast, if not faster than the previous design.

Other changes

We also made thousands of additional changes to the existing content and have added a lot more new content. We hope you enjoy the changes and, as always, welcome all feedback.