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CH000001Cannot do colors in Photoshop with a black and white scan
CH000002Changing Adobe Photoshops default magnification
CH000003Why is Computer Hope's support service free?
CH000004Why did Computer Hope change names
CH000005What is Computer Hope's U.S. mail address?
CH000006Does Computer Hope have a magazine, book, or CD?
CH000007Getting the mouse to work in MS-DOS
CH000008Where can I find or download QBasic?
CH000009How to hide and unhide a file in the Windows command line
CH000010Deleting files in MS-DOS without a prompt.
CH000011What is an external and internal command?
CH000012Receiving error "Missing command interpreter."
CH000013EMM386 error #00
CH000014How to scroll in MS-DOS or the Windows Command Prompt
CH000015Each time the computer boots I receive a prompt for the time and date.
CH000016Missing 1MB of system memory
CH000017Ways of locating hardware and other computers specifications.
CH000018I have a C drive and H drive, what is H?
CH000019Copying floppy to floppy
CH000020How to resize a fullscreen command line (DOS) window. errors
CH000022How to copy all files from one drive to another drive
CH000023CD-ROM drive is not the D: drive.
CH000024How to find out when a new game is going to be released
CH000025When trying to install DirectX 3.0 get setup() failed-8
CH000026Editing HTML in Microsoft Front Page
CH000027Editing meta tags in FrontPage
CH000028Create table in FrontPage
CH000029Delete a cell within a table in FrontPage
CH000030Where can I find Canon Printers' web page?
CH000031CD-ROM receiving power but does not work.
CH000032Only able to see two gig partition or drive
CH000033Determining if FAT32 is enabled
CH000034Computer speakers do not work.
CH000035Lost video after upgrading to Windows 98
CH000036How to execute commands in a batch file in timed intervals.
CH000037Static resource conflict
CH000038Change the drive letter of a CD-ROM, DVD or disc drive.
CH000039What are the differences between hardware and software?
CH000040Do you have AMI POST beep codes?
CH000041Cannot connect at 56k
CH000042How to change the LPT port within CMOS
CH000043How to create file extensions longer than three characters
CH000044Can an AMD and Intel processor work together?
CH000045Where can I get the settings for my HDD?
CH000046How do I determine the type and speed of my processor?
CH000047Hard drive is not being detected when using a boot diskette
CH000048What speed of CD-ROM drive should be purchased?
CH000049How to create links to sections on the same page in HTML
CH000050Opening a new web page window when clicking on a link
CH000051Creating a new window in HTML for a single image
CH000052How to create multicolor links in HTML
CH000053How to create a fixed background image on a web page.
CH000054How to create a counter on your web page.
CH000055How to resize an image with HTML
CH000056Getting subject added to the mailto command.
CH000057Creating a mail link on a web page.
CH000058Creating flashing background when opening a web page.
CH000059How to link an image to another page in HTML
CH000060Creating images as links with no borders.
CH000061Allowing user to choose their background color
CH000062Creating an HTML text field bigger than one line.
CH000063What is HTML
CH000064Creating unformatted HTML code.
CH000065Transfering user to new web page automatically.
CH000066Creating three images: first on left, second centered, third on right.
CH000067How to change the background and text color of a web page
CH000068Is it possible to make the HTML source not viewable?
CH000069Creating images that are right-aligned.
CH000070Creating an image with a text description HTML.
CH000071Creating a link to play a sound file in HTML
CH000072Changing the font type and color displayed on a web page
CH000073How to create a link to automatically run .exe file once downloaded.
CH000074Creating a link without an underline in HTML
CH000075Changing link color when moving mouse over link in HTML
CH000076Creating an HTML push-button link
CH000077How to create a search for your web page or blog
CH000078How to boot to the Desktop in Windows 8
CH000079Creating script to break web page out of frames.
CH000080Accepting credit cards on your web page.
CH000081How do I view my Internet browsers history?
CH000082How to find information on the Internet
CH000083How can I create a web page on the Internet
CH000084Replaced ink cartridges and printer not working
CH000085Is it possible to crash or shutdown the entire Internet?
CH000086Where can I download drivers for my printer
CH000087Determining printer hardware / software issue.
CH000088Is the Palm Pilot right for me?
CH000089How should I clean the PalmPilot?
CH000090Where can I get network HotSync?
CH000091Where can I go for warranty and repair on the PalmPilot?
CH000092PalmPilot battery help
CH000093PalmPilot does not turn on
CH000094How can I play Quake on the Internet?
CH000095How do I complete the final level in Quake?
CH000096Where can I find cheat codes for my game?
CH000097Freezing in Windows 95 on the Gobliiins MS-DOS game.
CH000098What's ODP and ODPR?
CH000099CPU upgrade questions and answers.
CH000100Is there a way to tell how hot my CPU is running?

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