Today in computer history: April 1st

Below are technology and computer-related events that happened on April 1st of every year during the evolution of computers. April 1st is the 92th day of 2024, which is a leap year. There are 274 days left in the year from this day.

Alan Perlis pictureApril 1, 1922
102 years ago

Alan Perlis was born, the well-known and respected computer scientist known for his work with computer programming languages. Died February 7, 1990 (Age: 68).

Keith Uncapher pictureApril 1, 1922
102 years ago

Keith Uncapher was born, the founder of ISI and developer of the Internet. Died October 10, 2002 (Age: 80).

George Pake pictureApril 1, 1924
100 years ago

George Pake was born, a Physicist and research executive that help found Xerox. Died March 4, 2004 (Age: 79).

Norman Abramson pictureApril 1, 1932
92 years ago

Norman Abramson was born, an American computer scientist known for developing the ALOHAnet system for wireless communication.

SpaceApril 1, 1960
64 years ago

NASA launches TIROS, the first weather satellite into space.

IntelApril 1, 1972
52 years ago

Intel releases the 8008 processor.

IntelApril 1, 1974
50 years ago

Intel releases the 8080 processor.

AppleApril 1, 1976
48 years ago

Apple Computer company was founded.

InternetApril 1, 1995
29 years ago

The Opera browser version 1 was released.

CompanyApril 1, 1999
25 years ago

Yahoo purchases for $5.7 billion.

GoogleApril 1, 2004
20 years ago

Google announces Gmail. Many people take it as an April Fools' Day joke.

CompanyApril 1, 2020
4 years ago

T-Mobile completed the $26.5 billion merger with Sprint.

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