Coined computer pioneers

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Adrian CarmackAdrian Carmack
One of the founders of iD Software.
Category: Coined and Founder
Bob BemerBob Bemer
Father of ASCII.
Category: Coined, Father, and Inventor
Brian KernighanBrian Kernighan
Canadian computer scientist who coined the term Unix and helped with the development of Unix, AWK, and AMPL.
Category: Coined, Programmer, Scientist, and Writer
Christopher StracheyChristopher Strachey
British scientist known for CPL and Fundamental Concepts in Programming Languages.
Category: Coined, Inventor, Programmer, Scientist, and Writer
Dale DoughertyDale Dougherty
Founder, President and CEO of Maker Media, INC and founder of MAKE Magazine.
Category: CEO, Coined, Founder, President, and Twitter
David PattersonDavid Patterson
American computer pioneer who coined and contributed to RISC.
Category: Coined, President, Professor, and Writer
Dennis FongDennis Fong
Entrepreneur and retired celebrity pro computer gamer.
Category: Coined, Entrepreneur, Founder, and Gamer
Edgar CoddEdgar Codd
English computer scientist and inventor of the relational model for database management.
Category: Analyst, Coined, Inventor, Scientist, and Writer
Ed RobertsEd Roberts
Father of the personal computer.
Category: Coined, Father, and Founder
Edward TufteEdward Tufte
American statistician and professor.
Category: Coined, Professor, and Writer
Ethan ZuckermanEthan Zuckerman
American Internet activist, media scholar, blogger, and author.
Category: Coined, Director, Founder, Twitter, and Writer
Fred CohenFred Cohen
Short biography of Fred Cohen who coined the term computer virus.
Category: Coined
Friedrich BauerFriedrich Bauer
German computer scientist and professor known for Stack (data structure) that help developed programming languages ALGOL 58 and ALGOL 60.
Category: Coined, Professor, Programmer, Scientist, and Writer
Hermann BottenbruchHermann Bottenbruch
Co-author of the computer programming language ALGOL 58.
Category: Coined, Programmer, and Writer
John MccarthyJohn Mccarthy
American computer scientist who coined the term artificial intelligence (AI) and created Lisp.
Category: Coined, Programmer, Scientist, and Writer
John ScullyJohn Scully
CEO of Apple.
Category: CEO, Coined, and President
Louis PouzinLouis Pouzin
Invented the datagram and designed an early packet communications network.
Category: Coined and Inventor
Marc BenioffMarc Benioff
Chairman and CEO of
Category: CEO, Chairman, Coined, President, and Writer
Oren EtzioniOren Etzioni
American entrepreneur, professor and CEO of the Allen Institute of Artificial Intelligence.
Category: CEO, Coined, Director, Entrepreneur, Founder, Professor, Twitter, and Writer
Paul BrainerdPaul Brainerd
Pioneer in the field of computer-aided editing, design, and publishing and co-founder of Aldus.
Category: Coined and Founder
Per HansenPer Hansen
Danish-American computer scientist known for concurrent programming theory.
Category: Coined, Programmer, Scientist, and Writer
Peter NeumanPeter Neuman
Computer Science Researcher who worked on the Multics operating system.
Category: Coined, Founder, Researcher, and Writer
Robert MetcalfeRobert Metcalfe
Founder of 3Com.
Category: Coined and Founder
Solomon GolombSolomon Golomb
American engineer, mathematician, and professor known for his development of mathematical games.
Category: Coined, Engineer, Mathematician, Professor, and Writer
Ted NelsonTed Nelson
American sociologist, philosopher, and pioneer of information who coined the terms "hypertext" and "hypermedia"
Category: Coined and Writer
Vern PaxsonVern Paxson
Professor of Computer Science at Berkeley and Internet researcher.
Category: Coined, Professor, Researcher, and Writer
Werner BuchholzWerner Buchholz
American computer scientist who coined the term byte for a unit of digital information.
Category: Coined and Scientist
William GibsonWilliam Gibson
Speculative fiction novelist who help create cyberpunk subgenre.
Category: Coined, Twitter, and Writer
William InmonWilliam Inmon
American computer scientist Often referred to as the father of the data warehouse.
Category: Coined, Father, Scientist, and Writer

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