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Abhay BhushanAbhay Bhushan
Author of FTP.
Category: Chairman, Engineer, President, and Writer
Andy BryantAndy Bryant
American businessperson and Chairman of multinational semiconductor company Intel.
Category: Chairman
Azim PremjiAzim Premji
Indian business tycoon, philanthropist, and chairman of Wipro Limited.
Category: Chairman
Barry LamBarry Lam
Founder and Chairman of Quanta Computer.
Category: Chairman, Entrepreneur, Founder, and Manager
Bob EvansBob Evans
Computer pioneer and corporate executive at IBM.
Category: Chairman
Bob RosenscheinBob Rosenschein
American-Israeli internet entrepreneur and founder of
Category: CEO, Chairman, Entrepreneur, Founder, and Twitter
Brad TempletonBrad Templeton
Software Architect and early pioneer of Usenet.
Category: Chairman, Founder, Inventor, Twitter, and Writer
Brian ReynoldsBrian Reynolds
American videogame designer known for his online social games on Facebook.
Category: CEO, Chairman, Director, Founder, Programmer, and Twitter
Carol BartzCarol Bartz
Former president and CEO of Yahoo!
Category: CEO, Chairman, Female, and President
Cleve MolerCleve Moler
American computer programmer and inventor of MATLAB.
Category: Chairman, Inventor, Mathematician, Programmer, Scientist, and Writer
Craig BarrettCraig Barrett
Former Chairman and CEO of Intel.
Category: CEO, Chairman, and Writer
David ClarkDavid Clark
American computer scientist known for the Clark-Wilson model.
Category: Chairman, Inventor, Scientist, and Writer
David LeeDavid Lee
Chinese-American business executive and inventor of the Daisywheel Printer.
Category: CEO, Chairman, Inventor, and President
David PackardDavid Packard
Co-founder of the Hewlett-Packard (HP) company.
Category: CEO, Chairman, Founder, Inventor, President, and Writer
Dennis HayesDennis Hayes
Founder of Hayes Microcomputer Products and inventor of the PC Modem.
Category: Chairman, Founder, and Inventor
Douglas McllroyDouglas Mcllroy
Computer programmer, mathematician and engineer who develops Unix pipelines.
Category: Chairman, Editor, Engineer, Mathematician, Professor, and Programmer
Douglas RossDouglas Ross
Computer scientist pioneer who is known for the term CAD and as the father of APT.
Category: Chairman, Engineer, Father, Inventor, Programmer, Scientist, and Writer
Dov MoranDov Moran
Israeli engineer known for founding the company who invented the DiskOnKey thumb drive.
Category: Chairman, Engineer, Founder, Inventor, and Twitter
Elon MuskElon Musk
Founder of SpaceX, and co-founder of Tesla Motors.
Category: CEO, Chairman, Entrepreneur, Founder, Inventor, and Twitter
George FairchildGeorge Fairchild
Businessman and investor and best known as the chairman of IBM.
Category: Chairman and Investor
Harald AlvestrandHarald Alvestrand
Norwegian computer scientist and author of several important RFCs.
Category: Chairman, Editor, Scientist, and Writer
Harry GoodeHarry Goode
American statistician, mathematician, electrical and chemical engineer, professor, and author.
Category: Chairman, Engineer, Mathematician, Professor, Scientist, and Writer
Hasso PlattnerHasso Plattner
Co-founder of software giant SAP AG.
Category: Chairman, Entrepreneur, and Founder
Hector De Jesus RuizHector De Jesus Ruiz
Short biography of Hector de Jesus Ruiz the chairman and CEO of Advanced Nanotechnology Solutions and former CEO of AMD.
Category: CEO, Chairman, Founder, and President
Henry PerotHenry Perot
Founder of EDS and Perot Systems.
Category: Chairman, Founder, Investor, and Writer
Henry SamueliHenry Samueli
Chief technology officer and chairman of the board of Broadcom Corporation.
Category: Chairman, Inventor, and Writer
Jack MaJack Ma
Chinese entrepreneur and Executive Chairman of Alibaba Group.
Category: Chairman, Entrepreneur, and Founder
Jake WinebaumJake Winebaum
American entrepreneur and founder of FamilyFun magazine, and
Category: Chairman, Director, Entrepreneur, Founder, President, Twitter, and Writer
Jeff BezosJeff Bezos
Founder, president, CEO, and chairman of the board of Amazon.
Category: CEO, Chairman, Founder, and President
Jeffrey SkollJeffrey Skoll
Canadian engineer and Internet entrepreneur known for being the first employee and president of eBay.
Category: Chairman, Engineer, Entrepreneur, Founder, President, and Twitter
John ChambersJohn Chambers
Chairman and Board and CEO of Cisco.
Category: CEO, Chairman, Director, and President
John OpelJohn Opel
Computer businessman who served as the president of IBM.
Category: CEO, Chairman, and President
John OusterhoutJohn Ousterhout
Professor of computer science at University of California where he created Tcl scripting language and Tk platform.
Category: Chairman, Founder, President, Professor, Programmer, and Writer
John WarnockJohn Warnock
Co-founder of Adobe.
Category: CEO, Chairman, Entrepreneur, Founder, President, and Scientist
Kane KramerKane Kramer
British inventor and businessman and inventor of the digital audio player in 1979.
Category: Chairman and Inventor
Ken KutaragiKen Kutaragi
Former Chairman and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment and Father of the PlayStation.
Category: CEO, Chairman, and Father
Larry RobertsLarry Roberts
Creator of the ARPANET (predecessor to the modern Internet)
Category: Chairman, Founder, and Programmer
Leonard ShustekLeonard Shustek
Chairman of the board of trustees of the Computer History Museum located in Mountain View, California
Category: Chairman, Founder, and Writer
Louis GerstnerLouis Gerstner
Chairman of the board and chief executive officer of IBM from April 1993 until 2002
Category: CEO, Chairman, and Writer
Manuel FernandezManuel Fernandez
Founder of the Gavilan Computer Corporation which developed one of the first portable laptop computers.
Category: CEO, Chairman, Director, Entrepreneur, and Founder
Marc BenioffMarc Benioff
Chairman and CEO of
Category: CEO, Chairman, Coined, President, and Writer
Mark HurdMark Hurd
Co-president, director, and board member of Oracle Corporation.
Category: Chairman, Director, and President
Mark TebbeMark Tebbe
Professor at University of Chicago and co-founder of
Category: Chairman, Director, Entrepreneur, Founder, and Professor
Max HopperMax Hopper
American IT manager considered the
Category: Chairman, Father, and Manager
Meg WhitmanMeg Whitman
American business executive and president of Hewlett-Packard.
Category: CEO, Chairman, Female, President, Twitter, and Writer
Michael DellMichael Dell
Founder of Dell computers.
Category: CEO, Chairman, Entrepreneur, Founder, Twitter, and Writer
Michael LazaridisMichael Lazaridis
Greek Canadian businessman and founder of Research In Motion (BlackBerry handhelds)
Category: Chairman and Founder
Michael SchroederMichael Schroeder
American computer scientist known for co-inventing the Needham-Schroeder authentication protocol.
Category: Chairman, Director, Founder, Inventor, Scientist, and Writer
Morris ChangMorris Chang
Founding Chairman of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company
Category: Chairman, Father, Founder, and Writer
Morton MeyersonMorton Meyerson
Former President and Vice Chairman of Electronic Data Systems, Inc.
Category: Chairman and President
Nicholas NegroponteNicholas Negroponte
American architect and founder of the One Laptop per Child Association (OLPC)
Category: Chairman, Founder, Inventor, and Twitter
Nolan BushnellNolan Bushnell
American engineer and entrepreneur who founded both Atari, Inc. and the Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza-Time Theaters chain.
Category: Chairman, Engineer, Entrepreneur, Father, Founder, and Twitter
Patrick McgovernPatrick Mcgovern
Chairman, and founder of International Data Group (IDG)
Category: Chairman, Editor, Founder, Twitter, and Writer
Paul ThelenPaul Thelen
Founder, chairman, and chief executive officer of Big Fish Games.
Category: Chairman and Founder
Peter DiamandisPeter Diamandis
American engineer, physician, author, Intel entrepreneur and founder of X PRIZE Foundation.
Category: CEO, Chairman, Engineer, Entrepreneur, Founder, Twitter, and Writer
Peter SchnellPeter Schnell
German entrepreneur who founded Software AG Foundation.
Category: Chairman, Entrepreneur, and Founder
Pierre OmidyarPierre Omidyar
French-born entrepreneur, founder, and chairman of the eBay auction site.
Category: Chairman, Entrepreneur, and Founder
Richard SchulzeRichard Schulze
Founder and past chairman of Best Buy.
Category: Chairman and Founder
Samuel PalmisanoSamuel Palmisano
Short biography of Samuel Palmisano the President and chief executive officer of IBM from 2000-2012.
Category: Chairman, President, and Writer
Scott CookScott Cook
Founder of Intuit in 1983 and currently chairman of the board of Intuit.
Category: Chairman, Director, and Founder
Sidney HarmanSidney Harman
American business man who with Bernard Kardon made the first integrated hi-fi receiver and founded Harman Kardon
Category: Chairman, Founder, and Writer
Sky DaytonSky Dayton
American entrepreneur, founder of EarthLink, co-founder of eCompanies and founder and chairman of Boingo
Category: Chairman, Entrepreneur, Founder, Investor, Twitter, and Writer
Steve CaseSteve Case
Co-founder of America Online (AOL).
Category: CEO, Chairman, Founder, and Twitter
Thomas SiebelThomas Siebel
American business executive, software developer and investor.
Category: Chairman, Entrepreneur, Founder, Investor, Manager, and Writer
Thomas WatsonThomas Watson
Early chairman and CEO of IBM.
Category: CEO, Chairman, Father, and President
Ursula BurnsUrsula Burns
Madam Chairman (or Chairperson) and CEO of Xerox and first African-American woman CEO.
Category: African American, CEO, Chairman, and Female
Victor AlhadeffVictor Alhadeff
Business executive known as the founder and CEO of Egghead Software.
Category: CEO, Chairman, Founder, and President
Victor HayesVictor Hayes
Senior Research Fellow at the Delft University of Technology Often referred to as
Category: Chairman, Father, and Writer
Vinod KhoslaVinod Khosla
American businessman, billionaire and co-founder of Sun Microsystems.
Category: CEO, Chairman, Founder, Investor, Programmer, Twitter, and Writer
Virginia RomettyVirginia Rometty
American business executive and first CEO of IBM.
Category: CEO, Chairman, and Female
Wenmei HwuWenmei Hwu
Professor specializing in computer architecture, compiler design, parallel processing and computer microarchitecture.
Category: Chairman, Director, Engineer, Professor, Programmer, and Writer
William CampbellWilliam Campbell
Current Chairman of the Board and former CEO of Intuit Inc.
Category: CEO and Chairman
William HewlettWilliam Hewlett
Co-founder of the Hewlett-Packard (HP) company.
Category: CEO, Chairman, Engineer, Entrepreneur, Founder, and President
William MillardWilliam Millard
Short biography of William Millard the founder and chairman of the electronics retailer ComputerLand.
Category: Chairman and Founder

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