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A bookmark may refer to any of the following:


1. When referring to an Internet browser, a bookmark or electronic bookmark is a method of saving a web page's address. While using most browsers, pressing Ctrl+D will bookmark the page you are viewing. In Microsoft Internet Explorer, bookmarks are referred to as favorites.


If you forget to bookmark a page and have forgotten the address, you can view your browser history to find the page and once found bookmark the page.

Why create a bookmark?

A bookmark is very useful when you find a web page that you want to remember and be able to look at another day. When you bookmark a web page, you are creating a shortcut for quick access to that web page. You can access that bookmark at any time and view the web page as many times as you want without having to search the Internet to find it again.

How to view bookmarks using shortcuts

Below is a list of keyboard shortcuts that can be used to access and view the bookmarks in your browser.

2. When referring to the Internet and HTML, a bookmark link is another name for a named anchor.

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