Computer People - H

Below is a listing of computer pioneers, inventors, and other people who have contributed to the computer industry that have a first or last name beginning with the letter 'H'. Clicking on any of the below links will open a biography for that person.

Hakon Wium Lie
Web pioneer and creator of CSS.
Category: Manager and Writer
Hans Anvin
Swedish computer programmer known for his contributions to free and open source projects.
Category: Manager, Programmer, and Writer
Hans Reiser
American computer programmer, creator of ReiserFS computer file system and convicted murderer.
Category: Convict, Entrepreneur, Father, Founder, Manager, Programmer, and Writer
Harald Alvestrand
Norwegian computer scientist and author of several important RFCs.
Category: Chairman, Editor, Manager, Scientist, and Writer
Harlan Anderson
Co-founder of DEC (Digital Equipment Corporation).
Category: Engineer, Entrepreneur, Founder, Manager, and Writer
Harlan Mills
Founder of Software Engineering Technology, Inc.
Category: Founder, Manager, Professor, Programmer, and Writer
Harold Cohen
Painter, scholar, artist, and computer scientist who created AARON.
Category: Manager, Scientist, and Writer
Harold Lawson
Software engineer and inventor who invented the pointer.
Category: Engineer, Inventor, Manager, and Writer
Harold Prewitt
Race car driver, American businessman and inventor of personal computer products.
Category: Founder, Inventor, Manager, and Writer
Harry Goode
American statistician, mathematician, electrical and chemical engineer, professor, and author.
Category: Chairman, Engineer, Manager, Mathematician, Professor, Scientist, and Writer
Harry Huskey
American computer designer pioneer who worked on the ENIAC, Pilot ACE, and G15 computers.
Category: Inventor, Manager, and Writer
Harry Mccracken
Technology writer and editor.
Category: Editor, Founder, Manager, Twitter, and Writer
Haskell Curry
Pioneer of combinatorial logic.
Category: Logician, Manager, Mathematician, Professor, Programmer, and Writer
Hasso Plattner
Co-founder of software giant SAP AG.
Category: Chairman, Entrepreneur, Founder, Manager, and Writer
Hayyim Slonimski
Astronomer, inventor, and science author who invented a calculating machine.
Category: Inventor, Manager, and Writer
Hector De Jesus Ruiz
Chairman and CEO of Advanced Nanotechnology Solutions and former CEO of AMD.
Category: CEO, Chairman, Founder, Manager, President, and Writer
Hector Monsegur
American computer hacker and co-founder of the hacking group LulzSec, turned FBI informant.
Category: Founder, Hacker, Manager, and Writer
Heinrich Hertz
German physicist who proved the existence of electromagnetic waves.
Category: Inventor, Manager, Physicist, and Writer
Heinz Nixdorf
Computing pioneer and businessman responsible for Nixdorf Computer AG.
Category: Inventor, Manager, and Writer
Heinz Zemanek
Austrian computer pioneer best known for developing the first transistorized computer on the European continent.
Category: Manager, Programmer, and Writer
Helmut Hoelzer
Nazi Germany V-2 rocket engineer.
Category: Engineer, Manager, and Writer
Helmut Schreyer
German inventor, electrical engineer, and computer scientist known for his work on the Z3.
Category: Engineer, Inventor, Manager, Scientist, and Writer
Henry Briggs
English mathematician known for changing the original logarithms invented by John Napier.
Category: Inventor, Manager, Mathematician, and Writer
Henry Perot
Founder of EDS and Perot Systems.
Category: Chairman, Founder, Investor, Manager, and Writer
Henry Phillips
Promoter of the Phillips screw and screwdriver.
Category: Inventor, Manager, and Writer
Henry Samueli
Chief technology officer and chairman of the board of Broadcom Corporation.
Category: Chairman, Inventor, Manager, and Writer
Herb Schildt
American computer programmer and computing author.
Category: Founder, Manager, Programmer, and Writer
Herb Sutter
Prominent C++ expert, book author, and columnist for Dr. Dobb's Journal.
Category: Inventor, Manager, Programmer, and Writer
Herbert Freeman
Computer scientist who made contributions to computer graphics.
Category: Founder, Manager, Scientist, and Writer
Herbert Grosch
Computer scientist best known for Grosch's law, which states economy is as the square root of the speed.
Category: Manager, Scientist, and Writer
Herbert Simon
Pioneer in the field of artificial intelligence.
Category: Manager, Programmer, Scientist, and Writer
Herman Goldstine
Mathematician and computer scientist who helped develop the ENIAC.
Category: Manager, Mathematician, Scientist, and Writer
Herman Hollerith
Founder of IBM.
Category: Founder, Manager, and Writer
Herman Lukoff
Computer pioneer who helped develop the ENIAC and the EDVAC computers.
Category: Manager, President, and Writer
Hermann Bottenbruch
Co-author of the computer programming language ALGOL 58.
Category: Coined, Manager, Programmer, and Writer
Hermann Zapf
German typeface designer whose work includes Palatino and Optima typefaces.
Category: Manager and Writer
Howard Aiken
Designer behind the IBM Harvard Mark I Computer.
Category: Inventor, Manager, and Writer
Howard Cunningham
American programmer who developed the first wiki.
Category: Manager, Programmer, and Writer
Hubert Booth
British engineer who invented the first powered vacuum cleaner.
Category: Engineer, Inventor, Manager, and Writer
Hugh Herr
American biophysicist and designer of specialized prostheses.
Category: Engineer, Inventor, Manager, Physicist, Professor, Twitter, and Writer
Hugh Loebner
Sponsor of the Loebner Price.
Category: Inventor, Manager, Scientist, Writer, and sponsor
Hugh Ross
Early pioneer in the history of British computing.
Category: Manager, Personality, and Writer

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