Computer People - G

Below is a listing of computer pioneers, inventors, and other people who have contributed to the computer industry that have a first or last name beginning with the letter 'G'. Clicking on any of the below links will open a biography for that person.

Gabe Newell
Producer of the first three releases of Windows and co-founder of valve.
Category: Director, Founder, Twitter, and Writer
Garrett Gruener
Information technology specialist and founder of
Category: Entrepreneur, Founder, and Writer
Garry Kasparov
Russian chess grandmaster and former World Chess Champion.
Category: Grandmaster, Twitter, and Writer
Gary Hendrix
American businessman and founder of Symantec Corporation.
Category: Founder and Writer
Gary Kildall
American computer scientist and microcomputer entrepreneur who invented the CP/M operating system and gave Bill Gates the world.
Category: Director, Entrepreneur, Founder, Inventor, Personality, Scientist, and Writer
Gary Mcgraw
American computer scientist and Internet technology author.
Category: Personality, Scientist, Twitter, and Writer
Gary Mckinnon
Scottish system administrator and hacker.
Category: Hacker and Writer
Gary Price
Co-founder of and
Category: Founder and Writer
Gary Robinson
American software engineer, inventor and computer programmer known for fighting spam.
Category: Engineer, Inventor, Programmer, and Writer
Gary Starkweather
Inventor of the laser printer.
Category: Engineer, Inventor, and Writer
Gary Thuerk
Father of Spam.
Category: Father and Writer
Gary Wang
Chinese entrepreneur and founder of, a Chinese video sharing company.
Category: CEO, Entrepreneur, Founder, and Writer
Gaston Gonnet
Uruguayan-Canadian computer scientist known for his work with the Maple computer algebra system.
Category: Entrepreneur, Founder, Professor, Scientist, and Writer
Gene Amdahl
American computer architect and founder of Amdahl Corporation.
Category: Entrepreneur, Founder, Inventor, and Writer
Gene Golub
Renowned numerical analyst, professor, and author.
Category: Analyst, Editor, Founder, President, Professor, Researcher, and Writer
Geoffrey Dummer
Electronics engineer and first person to conceptualize and build a prototype of an integrated circuit.
Category: Engineer and Writer
Georg Ohm
German physicist and mathematician best known for Ohm's law.
Category: Inventor, Mathematician, Physicist, Scientist, and Writer
Georg Scheutz
Inventor of the Scheutzian calculation engine.
Category: Inventor and Writer
George Boole
Mathematician, logician, and inventor of what is now known as Boolean logic.
Category: Founder, Inventor, Logician, Mathematician, and Writer
George Dantzig
Mathematical scientist best known for linear programming.
Category: Programmer, Scientist, and Writer
George Eastman
American innovator and entrepreneur who founded the Eastman Kodak Company and invented roll film.
Category: Entrepreneur, Founder, Inventor, and Writer
George Fairchild
Businessman and investor and best known as the chairman of IBM.
Category: Chairman, Investor, and Writer
George Grant
Founder of Grant Calculating Machine Company and developer of several calculating machines.
Category: Founder and Writer
George Necula
Best known for his Ph.D. thesis work first describing proof-carrying code.
Category: Professor, Programmer, Scientist, and Writer
George Pake
Physicist and research executive that help found Xerox.
Category: Inventor, Physicist, and Writer
George Perlegos
Electrical engineer who participated in the development of the first cell flash memory from Intel and helped develop EEPROM
Category: Engineer, Founder, and Writer
George Stibitz
Computer pioneer recognized as the fathers of the modern first digital computer.
Category: Father and Writer
Georgii Lopato
Computer pioneer recognized as the fathers of the modern first digital computer, the Minsk.
Category: Father and Writer
Georgy Adelson-velsky
Soviet computer scientist who helped invent the AVL tree and the development of chess programming.
Category: Inventor, Mathematician, Programmer, Scientist, and Writer
Gerald Estrin
UCLA professor who led the development of the WEIZAC, the first large-scale electronic computer outside of the United States.
Category: Engineer, Professor, and Writer
Gerald Lawson
Founder of Videosoft and best known for creating one of the earliest arcade games.
Category: African American, Engineer, Founder, and Writer
Gerald Weinberg
American computer scientist, author, and teacher.
Category: Founder, Professor, Programmer, Scientist, Twitter, and Writer
Gerard Salton
Was best known for developing Vector Space Model for information retrieval.
Category: Professor, Scientist, and Writer
Gerrot Blaauw
One of the principal designers of the IBM System/360.
Category: Engineer and Writer
Gertrude Blanch
American mathematician who did pioneering work in numerical analysis and computation.
Category: Director, Female, Mathematician, and Writer
Gina Trapani
American web developer, tech blogger, and writer known as the founder of the Lifehacker Blog.
Category: Female, Founder, Hacker, Personality, and Writer
Ginny Strazisar
Wrote the first Internet working router.
Category: Female and Writer
Giovanni Caselli
Inventor of the pantelegraph, the predecessor to the modern fax machine.
Category: Inventor, Physicist, and Writer
Glen Culler
Professor of electrical engineering and early innovator in the development of the Internet.
Category: Inventor, Professor, and Writer
Glenn Ricart
Computer scientist who help create the original Internet (ARPANET).
Category: Scientist and Writer
Gordon Bell
American computer engineer, manager, entrepreneur, and investor who oversaw the development of the VAX.
Category: Engineer, Entrepreneur, Investor, Manager, President, and Writer
Gordon Brown
Originated many of the concepts behind automatic-feedback control systems.
Category: Professor and Writer
Gordon Eubanks
Microcomputer pioneer and author of CBASIC.
Category: CEO, President, and Writer
Gordon French
Computer programmer and engineer who co-founded the Homebrew Computer Club.
Category: Engineer, Founder, Personality, Programmer, and Writer
Gordon Moore
Co-founder and former CEO of Intel.
Category: CEO, Founder, President, and Writer
Gottfrid Warg
Swedish computer specialist and Co-founder of the BitTorrent site The Pirate Bay together with Fredrik Neij and Peter Sunde
Category: Founder, Personality, and Writer
Gottfried Leibniz
German mathematician and philosopher and most prolific inventors of mechanical calculators.
Category: Inventor, Mathematician, and Writer
Gottfried Ungerboeck
Australian inventor who invented trellis coded modulation.
Category: Engineer, Inventor, and Writer
Grace Hopper
Female officer who extended the meaning of debug and is erroneously credited as coining the term bug.
Category: Female, Inventor, President, Programmer, Scientist, and Writer
Grady Booch
American software engineer known for developing Unified Modeling Language (UML)
Category: Engineer, Scientist, Twitter, and Writer
Greg Chesson
American computer scientist and UNIX expert known as the godfather of Networking.
Category: Engineer, Father, Founder, Inventor, Scientist, and Writer
Guglielmo Marconi
Father of long distance radio transmission.
Category: Entrepreneur, Father, Founder, Inventor, Physicist, and Writer
Guido Van Rossum
Author of the Python programming language.
Category: Engineer, Programmer, Twitter, and Writer
Gustav Tauschek
Austrian pioneer of Information technology.
Category: Inventor and Writer
Guy Kawasaki
Silicon valley venture capitalist, author, and Apple Fellow.
Category: Director, Investor, Twitter, and Writer
Guy Steele
Often referred to as The Great Quux.
Category: Hacker, Programmer, Researcher, Scientist, and Writer

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