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Aaron SwartzAaron Swartz
American computer programmer, writer, and Internet activist.
Category: Convict, Editor, Founder, Programmer, and Writer
Anand ShimpiAnand Shimpi
American businessman and founder of AnandTech website.
Category: CEO, Editor, Founder, Twitter, and Writer
Andrew SullivanAndrew Sullivan
British author, editor and one of the first political bloggers.
Category: Editor, Twitter, and Writer
Arianna HuffingtonArianna Huffington
Greek-American author and syndicated columnist.
Category: Editor, Female, Founder, Twitter, and Writer
Ben HammersleyBen Hammersley
British internet technologist, journalist, author, and broadcaster.
Category: Editor, Twitter, and Writer
Bill KendrickBill Kendrick
American software developer known for creating and maintaining Tux Paint.
Category: Editor, Founder, Programmer, and Twitter
Brian TongBrian Tong
Prizefight, Tap That App & How-To's.
Category: Editor, Personality, and Twitter
Carl ButtonCarl Button
British game artist, 2D/3D generalist, designer, and editor.
Category: Editor
Carl SaganCarl Sagan
Astronomer, astrophysicist, cosmologist, author, science popularizer, and science communicator in astronomy and natural sciences.
Category: Editor, Physicist, and Writer
Craig NeidorfCraig Neidorf
American hacker and founding editor of Phrack Magazine.
Category: Convict, Editor, Founder, and Hacker
Dana ScottDana Scott
Professor of computer science, philosophy, and mathematical logic.
Category: Editor, Professor, and Writer
Daniel FriedmanDaniel Friedman
American computer scientist, author and programming language researcher.
Category: Editor, Professor, Programmer, Researcher, Scientist, and Writer
Dave WinerDave Winer
American software developer, entrepreneur, and writer.
Category: Editor, Entrepreneur, Founder, Personality, Twitter, and Writer
Douglas McllroyDouglas Mcllroy
Computer programmer, mathematician and engineer who develops Unix pipelines.
Category: Chairman, Editor, Engineer, Mathematician, Professor, and Programmer
Ed BottEd Bott
Award-winning journalist and one of the most recognized voices in the computing world.
Category: Editor, Twitter, and Writer
Edsger DijkstraEdsger Dijkstra
Developer of ALGOL and the shortest path algorithm.
Category: Editor, Programmer, Scientist, and Writer
Gene GolubGene Golub
Renowned numerical analyst, professor, and author.
Category: Analyst, Editor, Founder, President, Professor, Researcher, and Writer
Harald AlvestrandHarald Alvestrand
Norwegian computer scientist and author of several important RFCs.
Category: Chairman, Editor, Scientist, and Writer
Harry MccrackenHarry Mccracken
Technology writer and editor.
Category: Editor, Founder, Twitter, and Writer
John DvorakJohn Dvorak
American columnist and broadcasters in the areas of technology and computing.
Category: Editor, Personality, President, Twitter, and Writer
John ImpagliazzoJohn Impagliazzo
Historian, author, and professor of the computing sciences.
Category: Editor, Professor, and Writer
John MarkoffJohn Markoff
New York Times Journalist and Author of Takedown book about Kevin Mitnick.
Category: Editor, Hacker, Twitter, and Writer
Jonathan PostelJonathan Postel
American computer scientist who made many significant contributions to the development of the Internet.
Category: Editor, Scientist, and Writer
Joyce ReynoldsJoyce Reynolds
Computer scientist who helped develop Internet protocols.
Category: Editor, Female, Scientist, and Writer
Julian AssangeJulian Assange
Editor, activist, computer programmer, and hacker best known as the founder of WikiLeaks.
Category: Editor, Founder, Hacker, Inventor, Personality, Programmer, Twitter, and Writer
Kara SwisherKara Swisher
American technology columnist/writer for the Wall Street Journal.
Category: Editor, Female, Founder, Twitter, and Writer
Kevin KellyKevin Kelly
Founder, and executive editor of Wired magazine and former editor/publisher of the Whole Earth Catalog.
Category: Editor, Founder, Twitter, and Writer
Kevin PoulsenKevin Poulsen
Former black hat hacker known for his telephone takeover hack to win a Porsche 944 S2 car.
Category: Editor, Hacker, Twitter, and Writer
Larry PressLarry Press
Professor of Information Systems at California State University.
Category: Editor, Professor, Twitter, and Writer
Larry SangerLarry Sanger
American online knowledge organizer and co-founder of Wikipedia.
Category: Editor, Founder, Twitter, and Writer
Lee FelsensteinLee Felsenstein
One of the original founders of the Homebrew computer club.
Category: Editor, Founder, and Twitter
Lee McmahonLee Mcmahon
American computer scientist best known for his contributions to early versions of the Unix operating system.
Category: Editor and Scientist
Leo LaporteLeo Laporte
American technology broadcaster, author, speaker, and entrepreneur.
Category: Editor, Entrepreneur, Personality, Twitter, and Writer
Mike BergmanMike Bergman
Web Scientist and 'deep web' researcher.
Category: CEO, Editor, Founder, Manager, Researcher, Scientist, and Writer
Molly WoodMolly Wood
Executive editor at CNET.com.
Category: Editor, Female, Personality, Twitter, and Writer
Patrick McgovernPatrick Mcgovern
Chairman, and founder of International Data Group (IDG)
Category: Chairman, Editor, Founder, Twitter, and Writer
Patrick NortonPatrick Norton
Former managing editor and co-host of The Screen Savers.
Category: Editor, Personality, Twitter, and Writer
Paul ThurrottPaul Thurrott
Technology blogger, author, podcaster, and news editor for Windows IT Pro magazine.
Category: Editor, Personality, Twitter, and Writer
Peter BentleyPeter Bentley
British author and computer scientist and contributing editor for WIRED UK magazine.
Category: Editor, Personality, Scientist, and Writer
Robert MartinRobert Martin
Consulting firm that specializes in training clients in Java, C++, OOP.
Category: Editor, Founder, Programmer, Twitter, and Writer
Robert PikeRobert Pike
Canadian software engineer and author known for his work with Plan 9 at Bell Labs.
Category: Editor, Engineer, Inventor, Programmer, and Writer
Ronald SchaferRonald Schafer
American electrical engineer known for his work with signal processing.
Category: Editor, Engineer, President, Professor, and Writer
Ryan BlockRyan Block
Technology journalist, critic, former editor of Engadget, and co-founder of gdgt.
Category: Editor, Founder, and Twitter
Ryan ShroutRyan Shrout
Founder, owner, operator and editor-in-chief of PC Perspective.
Category: Editor, Founder, Personality, and Twitter
Steve MannSteve Mann
Researcher and inventor known for his work on computational photography and wearable computing.
Category: Editor, Father, Inventor, Programmer, Researcher, Twitter, and Writer
Stewart BrandStewart Brand
American writer, best known as editor of the Whole Earth Catalog.
Category: Editor, Founder, Hacker, Inventor, and Writer
Stu GalleyStu Galley
American computer programmer and interactive fiction game author.
Category: Editor, Programmer, and Writer
Sviatoslav PestovSviatoslav Pestov
Creator of Factor, a scripting language for a video game which was later incorporated into Java.
Category: Editor
Tilly BlythTilly Blyth
Computer Historian and Keeper of Technologies and Engineering at the Science Museum.
Category: Editor, Female, Twitter, and Writer
Tom MerrittTom Merritt
Broadcaster and technology journalist.
Category: Editor, Personality, Twitter, and Writer
Veronica BelmontVeronica Belmont
Co-host of Revision3 Tekzilla.
Category: Editor, Female, Personality, and Twitter
William JoyWilliam Joy
Co-founder of Sun Microsystems, helped with the development of BSD, and original author of vi.
Category: Editor, Founder, Inventor, Scientist, and Writer
Xeni JardinXeni Jardin
American digital media commentator, tech culture journalist, weblogger, and founder of Boing Boing.
Category: Editor, Female, Founder, Twitter, and Writer
Yancey StricklerYancey Strickler
American internet entrepreneur and co-founder and CEO of Kickstarter.
Category: CEO, Editor, Entrepreneur, Founder, and Twitter

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