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Albert EinsteinAlbert Einstein
Well known and respected theoretical physicist.
Category: Physicist and Writer
Alessandro VoltaAlessandro Volta
Italian physicist known for the invention of the battery in the 1800s.
Category: Inventor and Physicist
Andrew BoothAndrew Booth
Inventor of Booth's multiplication algorithm that led to the invention of drum memory.
Category: Engineer, Inventor, Physicist, and Scientist
Blaise PascalBlaise Pascal
Mathematician, writer, child prodigy, and inventor of the Pascaline.
Category: Inventor, Mathematician, Physicist, and Writer
Carl SaganCarl Sagan
Astronomer, astrophysicist, cosmologist, author, science popularizer, and science communicator in astronomy and natural sciences.
Category: Editor, Physicist, and Writer
Chester CarlsonChester Carlson
Inventor of electrophotography.
Category: Inventor and Physicist
David DeutschDavid Deutsch
British physicist who is known for the Quantum Turing machine.
Category: Physicist and Writer
Emanuel GoldbergEmanuel Goldberg
Inventor of such inventions as microdots, the kinamo movie camera, and the Contax 35mm camera.
Category: Founder, Inventor, Physicist, and Writer
Enrico FermiEnrico Fermi
Father of the atomic bomb.
Category: Father, Physicist, and Writer
Federico FagginFederico Faggin
Italian physicist and engineer who helped design the first commercial microprocessor.
Category: CEO, Engineer, Founder, Physicist, and President
George PakeGeorge Pake
Physicist and research executive that help found Xerox.
Category: Inventor and Physicist
Georg OhmGeorg Ohm
German physicist and mathematician best known for Ohm's law.
Category: Inventor, Mathematician, Physicist, Scientist, and Writer
Giovanni CaselliGiovanni Caselli
Inventor of the pantelegraph, the predecessor to the modern fax machine.
Category: Inventor and Physicist
Guglielmo MarconiGuglielmo Marconi
Father of long distance radio transmission.
Category: Entrepreneur, Father, Founder, Inventor, and Physicist
Heinrich HertzHeinrich Hertz
German physicist who proved the existence of electromagnetic waves.
Category: Inventor, Physicist, and Writer
Hugh HerrHugh Herr
American Biophysicist and designer of specialized prostheses.
Category: Engineer, Inventor, Physicist, Professor, and Twitter
Isaac NewtonIsaac Newton
English mathematician and physicist known for Universal gravitation and Calculus.
Category: Mathematician, Physicist, Scientist, and Writer
Jagadish BoseJagadish Bose
Indian pioneer who investigated the radio and microwave optics and made a significant contribution to plant science.
Category: Father, Inventor, Physicist, and Writer
Jean FourierJean Fourier
French mathematician and physicist best known for initiating the investigation of Fourier series and their applications of problems of heat transfers and vibrations.
Category: Mathematician, Physicist, and Writer
John BardeenJohn Bardeen
Co-inventor of the transistor.
Category: Engineer, Inventor, and Physicist
John FlemingJohn Fleming
Inventor of the first vacuum tube and diode.
Category: Engineer, Inventor, Physicist, and Writer
John MauchlyJohn Mauchly
American physicist who helped develop the ENIAC, EDVAC, BINAC, and UNIVAC I.
Category: Founder, Inventor, Physicist, and Programmer
John NapierJohn Napier
Mathematician, physicist, astronomer, and inventor of "Napier's bones."
Category: Inventor, Mathematician, Physicist, and Writer
John PastaJohn Pasta
American computer scientist known for co-originating the Fermi-Pasta-Ulam experiment.
Category: Mathematician, Physicist, Scientist, and Writer
Karl BraunKarl Braun
German inventor, physicist, and Nobel laureate in physics, who helped develop radio and television.
Category: Inventor and Physicist
Karl GanzhornKarl Ganzhorn
German physicist who dealt with applied physics and computer development.
Category: Director, Physicist, and Writer
Klaus SamelsonKlaus Samelson
German mathematician, physicist, and computer pioneer in the area of programming language translation.
Category: Mathematician, Physicist, Programmer, and Writer
Larry SmarrLarry Smarr
Physicist and leader in scientific computing, supercomputer applications, and Internet infrastructure.
Category: Director, Physicist, Twitter, and Writer
Louis RidenourLouis Ridenour
American physicist instrumental in U.S. development of radar.
Category: Physicist, President, and Writer
Neil TysonNeil Tyson
American astrophysicist and science communicator and former host of NOVA ScienceNow.
Category: African American, Director, Personality, Physicist, Twitter, and Writer
Nicholas MetropolisNicholas Metropolis
Greek American physicist and on of the scientists during the Manhattan Project.
Category: Physicist and Scientist
Norman MargolusNorman Margolus
Canadian-American computer scientist and physicist.
Category: Founder, Inventor, Physicist, Scientist, and Writer
Peter GrunbergPeter Grunberg
German physicist and Nobel Prize laureate.
Category: Inventor and Physicist
Ralph SlutzRalph Slutz
Physicist and computer pioneer and one of the first to build a computer with a central memory to store and modify data and instructions
Category: Inventor and Physicist
Richard CrandallRichard Crandall
Chief Scientist at NeXT Inc. and Apple's Chief Cryptographer
Category: Physicist, Programmer, Scientist, and Writer
Richard FeynmanRichard Feynman
American theoretical physicist known for his work in the path integral formulation of quantum mechanics
Category: Physicist, Professor, Scientist, and Writer
Stephen HawkingStephen Hawking
British theoretical physicist, cosmologist, and author.
Category: Physicist, President, and Writer
Theodore MaimanTheodore Maiman
Inventor of the first laser.
Category: Inventor, Physicist, and Writer
Vilhelm BjerknesVilhelm Bjerknes
Norwegian physicist and meteorologist who helped found the modern practice of weather forecasting.
Category: Physicist and Writer
Walter BrattainWalter Brattain
Inventor that helped invent the transistor.
Category: Inventor and Physicist
Wietse VenemaWietse Venema
Dutch programmer, physicist and Google software engineer.
Category: Engineer, Personality, Physicist, Programmer, and Writer
Wilhelm RontgenWilhelm Rontgen
German physicist who produced and detected electromagnetic radiation.
Category: Physicist
William CoolidgeWilliam Coolidge
American physicist known for his work with incandescent electric lighting.
Category: Director, Physicist, and President
William EcclesWilliam Eccles
British physicist and inventor of the term Diode and the flip-flop circuit.
Category: Inventor and Physicist
William HiginbothamWilliam Higinbotham
American physicist credited with creating one of the first computer games.
Category: Inventor and Physicist
William ShockleyWilliam Shockley
Physicist and co-inventor of the transistor.
Category: Inventor, Physicist, and Writer
William SturgeonWilliam Sturgeon
English physicist and inventor who was first to make electromagnets and inventor of the first practical English electric motor.
Category: Inventor and Physicist

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