Updated: 11/13/2018 by Computer Hope
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Any visual representation with a combination of audio, video, animation, or graphics. Multimedia is usually a more enjoyable and informative experience than text. For example, a Thesaurus that is in multimedia format could have audio of famous speeches instead of only the transcription.

What is a multimedia file?

A multimedia file can be any computer file that plays audio and video, audio only, or video only. Some examples of popular multimedia files include the .mp3 audio file, .mp4, video, and avi video, and wmv files.

What is multimedia software?

A multimedia program, multimedia application, or any multimedia software is software that is capable of playing or recording audio files or playing or recording video files. For example, in our earlier example of a multimedia thesaurus that plays audio of famous speeches, it is considered multimedia software.

What is a multimedia computer?

For a computer to be a multimedia computer, it must meet the MPC standard, which today all computers with a sound card and video card meet.

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