Computer People - E

Below is a listing of computer pioneers, inventors, and other people who have contributed to the computer industry that have a first or last name beginning with the letter 'E'. Clicking on any of the below links will open a biography for that person.

Ed Bott
Award-winning journalist and one of the most recognized voices in the computing world.
Category: Editor, Twitter, and Writer
Ed Colligan
Former President and CEO of Handspring.
Category: CEO, President, and Writer
Ed Roberts
Father of the personal computer.
Category: Coined, Father, Founder, and Writer
Edgar Codd
English computer scientist and inventor of the relational model for database management.
Category: Analyst, Coined, Inventor, Scientist, and Writer
Edith Clarke
Electrical engineer and first woman employed as an electrical engineer in the United States.
Category: Engineer, Female, Inventor, Professor, and Writer
Edmund Barbour
Philanthropist, genealogist, and inventor first representative of so called direct-multiplication devices.
Category: Inventor and Writer
Edmund Berkeley
Co-founder of Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
Category: Founder, Mathematician, Programmer, Scientist, and Writer
Edmund Clarke
FORE system professor and computer scientist who developed a method for verifying hardware and software designs.
Category: Professor, Scientist, and Writer
Edmund Gunter
English mathematician known for inventing Gunter's Scale and the first successful analog device.
Category: Inventor, Mathematician, and Writer
Edouard-leon Martinville
French printer and inventor of the earliest known sound recording device, the phonautograph.
Category: Inventor and Writer
Edsger Dijkstra
Developer of ALGOL and the shortest path algorithm.
Category: Editor, Programmer, Scientist, and Writer
Edward Feigenbaum
Father of expert systems.
Category: Father, Founder, Scientist, and Writer
Edward Fredkin
Inventor of the trie data structure, the fredkin gate, and Billiard-Ball Computer Model.
Category: Inventor and Writer
Edward Shortliffe
Canadian-born American physician and computer scientist known for his work in artificial intelligence in medicine.
Category: Professor, Programmer, Scientist, and Writer
Edward Snowden
American computer professional who leaked classified information from NSA to mainstream media.
Category: Writer
Edward Tufte
American statistician and professor.
Category: Coined, Professor, and Writer
Edward Yourdon
Developer of structured analysis technique.
Category: Programmer and Writer
Edweard Muybridge
English photographer best known for his photographic studies of motion and in motion-picture projection.
Category: Writer
Edwin Belin
English scientist and one of the early inventors of television.
Category: Inventor, Scientist, and Writer
Edwin Catmull
Computer scientist and President of Walt Disney Animation Studios and Pixar Animation Studios.
Category: Inventor, President, Scientist, Twitter, and Writer
Edwin Turney
Co-founder of Advanced Micro Devices (AMD).
Category: Engineer, Founder, President, and Writer
Eiichi Goto
Japanese computer scientist known for inventing one of the first general-purpose computers in Japan.
Category: Inventor, Scientist, and Writer
Einar Stefferud
Internet pioneer, entrepreneur, and computer researcher, who helped develop the Internet.
Category: Entrepreneur, Researcher, and Writer
Elisha Gray
Co-founder of Western Electric Manufacturing company and best known for his development of a telephone prototype.
Category: Engineer, Father, Founder, Inventor, and Writer
Elizabeth Feinler
American information scientist and former director of the Network Information Systems Center
Category: Director, Female, Scientist, and Writer
Elon Musk
Founder of SpaceX, and co-founder of Tesla Motors.
Category: CEO, Chairman, Entrepreneur, Founder, Inventor, Twitter, and Writer
Emanuel Goldberg
Inventor of such inventions as microdots, the kinamo movie camera, and the Contax 35mm camera.
Category: Founder, Inventor, Physicist, and Writer
Emil Post
Short biography of Emil Post who was a well known mathematician and logician.
Category: Logician, Mathematician, and Writer
Emile Berliner
German-born American inventor known for developing the disc record gramophone (phonograph).
Category: Founder, Inventor, and Writer
Enid Mumford
British social scientist and computer scientist known for her work on human factors..
Category: Female, Scientist, and Writer
Enrico Fermi
Father of the atomic bomb.
Category: Father, Physicist, and Writer
Eric Bina
Co-creator of Mosaic and the co-founder of Netscape.
Category: Founder, Programmer, and Writer
Eric Chahi
Computer game designer and programming language author
Category: Programmer and Writer
Eric Raymond
American computer programmer, author, and open source software advocate.
Category: Hacker, Programmer, Twitter, and Writer
Eric Schmidt
CEO of Google.
Category: CEO, Director, Engineer, Founder, and Writer
Erik Cassel
Administrator, and VP of Engineering of ROBLOX, a massively multiplayer online game, physics-based sandbox and user-generated content site
Category: Founder and Writer
Erik Selberg
American software developer known for the creation of MetaCrawler.
Category: Manager and Writer
Ethan Zuckerman
American Internet activist, media scholar, blogger, and author.
Category: Coined, Director, Founder, Twitter, and Writer
Eugene Kleiner
One of the founders of Fairchild Semiconductor.
Category: Founder, Investor, and Writer
Evan Williams
Co-founder of Twitter and blogger.
Category: Entrepreneur, Founder, Inventor, Twitter, and Writer
Evelyn Berezin
American computer engineer known for designing one of the first word processors.
Category: Engineer, Female, and Writer
Evelyn Granville
One of the first African-American women to receive a Ph.D in mathematics.
Category: African American, Programmer, and Writer

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