Mozilla Firefox

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Reference Questions
Firefox Dictionary definition on what Firefox is and related terms.
Internet General Internet questions and answers.
Tips Mozilla Firefox browser tips.
Mozilla Mozilla company and contact information.
CH000081 How do I view my Internet browsers history?
CH000491 How do I stop pop-up or pop-under Internet ads?
CH000505 How do I download a file from the Internet?
CH000507 How do I determine if data I am sending over the Internet is secure?
CH000509 How do I disable or delete Internet cookies?
CH000510 How do I clear my Internet browser history?
CH000511 How do I clear my address bar history?
CH000553 How to delete Autocomplete history.
CH000577 How to change my browser's home page.
CH000578 My web browser has been hijacked.
CH000654 Enabling or disabling a program set as the default program.
CH000731 How to clear saved Internet web page passwords.
CH000744 Why does my Internet back button sometimes not work?
CH000746 How do I view the source code of a web page?
CH000779 How can I change the font size in my browser?
CH000813 Web page doesn't show images, getting red x's, or broken links.
CH000858 How do I create an Internet favorites or bookmark?
CH000859 Deleting and organizing Internet favorites and bookmarks.
CH000950 Where can I find Firefox plug-ins or add-ons?
CH001058 Remove an added word from the Firefox spelling dictionary.
CH001076 Why an HTML image alt text doesn't show on hover.
CH001108 I keep getting uses an invalid security certificate error.
CH001112 How do I open a new tab in Mozilla Firefox?
CH001114 How to change browser download settings for PDF files.
CH001120 How can I clear my browsing history on exit?
CH001132 Removing browsers printed page header and footer.
CH001186 Can I have more than one Internet browser installed?
CH001223 How do I update Mozilla Firefox?
CH001329 How to find version of installed IE, Chrome, and Firefox.
CH001377 How do I enable Autofill in my browser?
CH001378 How do I set my browser to Incognito or Private mode?
CH001388 How do I update my browser?
CH001411 How to remove a browser plugins and add-ons.
CH001413 How to disable animated pictures in browsers.
CH001478 Getting unresponsive script error.
CH001480 How do I block a website?
CH001555 How to get an Internet browser out of fullscreen.
CH001565 How to start Firefox in Safe Mode.
CH001663 How to remove an Internet browser toolbar.
CH001715 How to install or uninstall the Mozilla Firefox browser.
CH001748 How to restore default settings in an Internet browser.
CH001755 How to set or change default search engine.
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